Autism is described as a spectrum disorder, as the way in which in individuals are affected, is completely variable. For us, at Aspire in the Community this means we treat you, as an individual.

Our centres are based in Yorkshire but we currently care for residents that have come from the all over the UK. Nottingham is roughly a 1 hour drive to our residences and are renowned for the specialist care they offer.

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We will take time to learn about the ways in which you prefer to be supported, your needs and your communication preferences and we make it our mission to develop highly personalised support plans that will enable you to enjoy a fulfilled and meaningful life, in which decision making and choice are the forefront of your support.

We are committed to ensuring that our staff teams have excellent skills and knowledge so that they can be effective in understanding your needs, this is achieved through face to face training where staff are able to share experiences and ideas.

We provide specialist support, based on an autism specific assessment of needs, sensory assessments and communication plans so that we can provide the highest standards of care.

We know that life is sometimes overwhelming for Autistic people – this can make you feel very anxious and you might behave in a way that you normally wouldn’t, this could be hitting out, or shouting, or screaming. We will support you when you feel this way, without judgement. We will help you to find ways of coping with stressful situations so that you feel more in control.

Our residential services have been thoughtfully designed to provide a low arousal environment, because we know that sometimes you might feel your senses are overloaded and this can feel uncomfortable. We also want you to tell us how you would like your home to be decorated and furnished – it is your home so you should be in control of how it looks and feels.

We are proud to celebrate individuality and diversity and to support you to be the best you can be – for you.

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