Introduction to the Rushbrooke Residence:

Bedroom Light Control

Bedroom Light Control

The bedroom and lounge is fitted with a ceiling light which is operated by a wall mounted light switch.

This light switch is fitted to the wall using a magnetic connecter and a thin steel disk which makes it possible to remove the light switch from the room whilst the lights are on or off if the individual was assessed to damages this sort of fixture and fitting. The benefit of this system is that all connecting wires which would normally be behind a ‘normal’ light switch are not as the switch operates using a Wi-Fi connection. All wiring is safely beyond any access for the service user as the wiring is located in the ceiling.

More about the property:

Our Rusbrooke bungalows in Huddersfield have been designed in partnership and consultation with Kirklees council and Kirklees CGC specifically to provide for the Transforming Care Partnership clients leaving secure hospital environments. The properties’ design and internal specifications have been carefully tailored to withstand high levels of behaviours which challenge, and therefore to accommodate significantly challenging individuals enabling them to live within the community.

Councils We Currently Work With:

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