Person Centred Software Care Monitoring system:

Person Centred Software App

Aspire In The Community are delighted to be introducing  a new care plan reporting and recording system into Aspire, a  complete Person Centred Software  Mobile Care Monitoring system which is the most widely-used digital care management system in the UK, and most widely referred software provider within social care. The System will be a fundamental part of our continued commitment to a Person Centred approach and to delivering an outstanding service for our users.

This award winning mobile systems features:

The Care App: A mobile Digital Care system specifically designed to allow staff to spend more time with service users and less time on administration, as daily records are easily evidenced at the point of care using the icon-driven app.

Care monitoring:  Monitoring enables managers in the tracking of important actions, monitors the effectiveness of care and improves the management of care delivery which means you’ll always be up-to-date.

Care Planning:  Delivering person-centred care plans meet both the social and medical needs of the people we support. Service User’s preferences and important information is available at the point of care, when and where it’s needed.

Group Reporting: Delivering Consistent quality of care across the Aspire group. Group Reporting enables you to analyse trends and measurement of business critical KPIs for a single home or comparatively across a group

Person Centred Software App
Person Centred Software App
Person Centred Software App

The System will be hugely beneficial to all our key stakeholders:

Service Users and Relatives: Keeping service users and relatives connected with each other. Promote an inclusive and transparent service with relatives and improve service user’s wellbeing access preferences and personal profiles at each care interaction to provide holistic person-centred care.

Carer: Allowing our carers to access all the information they need to provide care in the palm of your hand.  Preferences, care plans and important information are all available when you provide care Record care only once. Spend more time with the people you support and less time on administration and paperwork.

Care Home Mangers: Receive more care records of a better quality, and in a format that you can easily analyse Plan person-centred care routines that meet both the social and medical needs of the people you support. Create and review well-written, person-centred care plans informed by evidence of care.

CQC: Instant access to audit any compliance information so all the required data is instantly to hand when your home is inspected by CQC and other regulatory bodies.

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