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The Gate Barnsley Road, Dodworth Barnsley  
Respite Care/Supported living and Crisis management
Our single occupancy apartments provide respite for service users and families either on a long term or shorter term basis in response to difficulties and/or crisis.
Aspire provides 2 separate respite/supported living apartments on the first floor which are single occupancy, offering a 1:1 staffing ratio where assessed needs are determined. Our service is available to those requiring individual care and support at extremely short notice as an emergency/crisis admission, or for the person who seeks longer term respite where the care package is planned and scheduled at regular intervals.
The apartments are located on the first floor and the occupants have full access to all of the activities and amenities within the resource centre should they so wish.
In each apartment, the contemporary design creates a warm, homely environment. Both apartments are private and separate to each other. As respite is a transition from one living environment to another, the homeliness helps to minimise the effects of stress and disruption involved in the transfer.
Aspire’s services allow individuals the opportunity to be supported on a 1:1 basis where they can benefit from the full and individual attention of the person supporting them. This affords staff the opportunity to work therapeutically with service users and to implement personalised strategies to deliver best outcomes.
Whilst the organisation is acutely aware that this facility is a respite accommodation, it not only offers individuals time to simply relax and have fun, but it also enables each individual the opportunity to build on and improve life skills should they so wish.
The Gate Barnsley Road

  The Gate Barnsley Road
space Dodworth , Barnsley,
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